What to expect

The program is diverse, focusing on different aspects of well-being. Among others the workshops feature:

Learn how to power up and de-stress

  • Feel refreshed and energized with conscious breathing
  • Stay flexible
  • Recharge with a simple meditation

Reducing stress and anxiety

  • Find rest fast with a simple breathing technique
  • Release tension
  • Reduce stress through meditation

Building a foundation to restore and calm the nervous system

  • Calm your nervous system with a restorative yoga class
  • Bring joy in your day with a “Relaxation Response”
  • Release muscle tension and tightness

Improving your sleep with Yoga Nidra

  • “Sleep yoga” to feel rested, calm and restored, improve sleep and reduce stress and anxiety
  • You can lie on the floor with a yoga mat or even in bed. Close your eyes and unwind. Ultimate relaxation.


Carola Grebitus


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