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Welcome to the Empowering Sun Devils Workshop Series! This workshop series is designed to support you in feeling relaxed, recharged and refreshed with simple techniques. We put together a number of different workshops to learn simple breathing techniques and meditation to release stress and anxiety to feel better instantly. Experience light movement and exercises you can do to release tension and tightness in your body. The topics of healthy eating and mindful nutrition will also be covered. See “Program” for a detailed description of all our workshops.

Our speakers come from all across the valley, and we are excited to be able to feature local businesses in close vicinity to ASU. The events are open to the whole ASU community.

While there is no need to register for most of these workshops, feel free to email Dr. Carola Grebitus (carola.grebitus@asu.edu) to receive reminders.

See all workshops at a glance below. For the full line-up please click here.


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